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Kate's Interview with Susan Irish  of "Westof" Monthly Magazine, will be in the May 2019 issue

Juried into National Association Of Women Artists March 2019



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Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibit 2019

Kate will be exhibiting her paintings and onsite to meet you in Charleston, SC . May 24th to June 9th 2019 Marion Square,  Downtown Charleston, SC  

Available Oil Paintings


 Kate Kennedy is an American Painter whose style of painting  and organic brush strokes flow with natures rhythms. These unique rhythms create harmony and balance through out her oil paintings. Kate is a skill based artist influenced by both Renaissance art and Impressionism. She loves the unique elements of strong form, color, light, shadow, and spatial harmony. She creates her paintings by placing emphasizes on composition, imagination, and rhythm. She calls the visual experience she creates, New Renaissance Impressionism.

Kate's Medium


Kate’s favorite medium is oil paint.  She creates unique and beautiful tones and hues by starting with a translucent under painting of ink or oil paint washes, and then adding layers of oil glazes to bring out subtle color changes. To tie it all together she uses a combination of direct, reflected and translucent light. The result is dramatic  and powerful.

“Daydreams have always taken me to mysterious places.  When I pick up a brush to paint, my dream world connects to the physical world, and a mysterious force takes my brush and I to a place where all things are possible.” 

Kate's Inspiration


Kate’s New Renaissance Impressionist style is fresh, and adventurous. She loves brash individualism, color, contrasts, and drama. Kate has always been inspired to express appreciation and gratitude for life through nature’s physical beauty and spiritual vibration. 

Her organic brush strokes follow the rhythm of nature, sensual and fluid like water or may even swirl like leaves in a breeze. 

Her influences are broad, from the classic masters such as Michelangelo loves his powerful, inspired projects reflecting the human body as the ultimate vehicle for emotional expression. American impressionists John Singer Sargent, and his Edwardian era luxury portraits are another inspiring favorite.  
Georgia O'Keefe's oversized flowers, and Frits Thaulow's impressionist water scenes inspire her color combinations, and rhythmic brush work. 

Artist-Author-Adventure Seeker

Flowers & Gardens


Visual heaven for Kate has always been nature in her many forms, and of course, brilliant flower gardens are a favorite source of drama. As an Artist, she is driven to paint them all!

 In every oil painting the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water are all peacefully blended. Kate see's the the fire in color, the wind patterns in leaves, and water currents flow through all her oil paintings. 

Landscape Seasons


 Kate's New Renaissance Impressionism style of oil painting is a meld of brush strokes that follow natures rhythms and vibrations which evoke a spiritual connection with the world. Sometimes she uses bold and vibrant brush strokes when she paints. Other times natures rhythm's call her to be subtle, and weave in more intricate brush strokes.  All are designed to entice you to lean in for a closer view of her art.

Creatures Tall & Small


Kate finds all creatures amazing and often they provide an added giggle ingredient, or a bit of whimsey. Like all her work, the rhythms of nature influence her brush strokes, be it fur or feather, you will find all the textures of nature here. 

Portraits and Interiors New Paintings


Kate paints her daydreams every day,  Her dreams swirl and flow like currents in water, and breezes across open fields. They lead your eyes in a meandering journey around the canvas, only to pause in the pools of color.  the brush strokes that follow the intricacies of natures rhythms. In every garden I see earth, wind, fire, and water. Everything springs from the earth, the fire in the colors, the swirls of wind and currents of water all combine in each of my oil paintings.

New Book Series!

dragon book cover  "middle grade" fantasy adventure magic mystery "Young Adult"

– What happens when fun turns to fright? When does boldness become true bravery? Author K. M. Kennedy answers these questions in the release of The Sound Prince and the Pocket Dragon, her first book in the middle grade fantasy adventure series Sound Prince.

Events - 2019 Shows Exhibits & Festivals


Transparency & Light

 National Association of Women Artists - SC Chapter. University of South Carolina  Center for the Arts Beaufort, SC April 4th - April 30th, 2019

Piccolo Spoleto Art Exhibit

May 24th - June 9th 2019 

Marion Square, Charleston, SC

BAM- Bellevue Art Museum Juried Arts 

July 24th, 25th, & 26th 2019

Sausalito Art Festival

August 31st to September 2nd 2019


Coconut Grove Festival - Miami

 Feb 16-18 2019 Art Exhibition

BAM - Bellevue Art Museum

 Juried Arts Festival 2018


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